Decades of experience.

Decades of experience.

Tailored, relevant advice.

Tailored, relevant advice.

Hand-picked talent.

Hand-picked talent.

About Us

At KLaw we counsel companies of all sizes in various fields and industries on multifaceted transactions and day-to-day operational requirements in areas including: corporate law, venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, as well as complex technology transactions.

Representing Israeli and international companies and groups, private equity and venture capital funds, private investors and entrepreneurs, we have the expertise and maturity required to handle even the most diverse and complex cases. Remaining focused on providing excellent legal services that are based on efficiency and sound commercial understanding, we don’t get side-lined or distracted by irrelevancies; having examined every detail, we then focus only on what’s truly important to make your business deal happen.

the klaw approach


We stay one step ahead, anticipating both your needs and concerns, and making sure we have the answer.


We don’t just speak about customized service; we’re built to actually provide it.


We make our time and your money count, by not getting side-lined or distracted by irrelevant details.


We are constantly applying our legal expertise to new areas of business, to keep up with the needs of an ever-changing business landscape.


Our senior lawyers are the best in their fields, passing on the benefit of their experience to our junior lawyers through close mentoring.

Emotional intelligence

Whether you are a huge corporate or an individual, we never forget that we are people dealing with people.


We use our broad understanding of the law, business outlook and life experience to your advantage, thinking outside the box to create the innovative legal solutions you need.


We look at every detail of the bigger picture, but know how to focus on what’s truly important to make your business deal happen.


We believe that diversity provides a wider perspective, which is why we have built a heterogenous team.


We put at your disposal the networks and relationships that we have built up over decades of working across multiple industries, both in Israel and overseas.

the KLaw team

עמנואל קדוש

Emmanuel Kadouch

Being pragmatic and business-minded by nature, I enjoy mentoring and advising entrepreneurs, sharing with them my 20 years of experience and the general knowledge I’ve accumulated over time, and giving them the legal tools they need to succeed.

אברומי מונדרר

Avrumi Monderer

Being a lawyer is so much more than acquiring a deep knowledge of the law itself. It’s about understanding the real-life commercial issues that affect your clients every day, and using your common sense to find the optimal way to apply the legal provisions and mechanisms at your disposal.

הילה סמורזיק

Hila Samourzik

Whether I’m dealing with litigation around contracts, corporate, real estate, class actions or highly complex financial disputes, I exhaust every legal possibility, thinking creatively and stepping outside of the box to get the best result for my client.

Areas of Practice


With both a comprehensive working knowledge of commercial law and a business-oriented vision, we provide a tailored service that answers your specific requirements and concerns.


The very foundation of our legal practice, corporate law is an area of expertise that underpins everything we do.


Leveraging our profound legal knowledge and extensive business experience, we provide seasoned M&A clients, and first-timers, with comprehensive, innovative legal and commercial solutions for their complex transactions.

Private Equity

Private equity is something of a science, requiring knowledge, research and insight. To get it right, you need not only a keen legal mind, but also a deep understanding of the economic implications of a deal; this is where we, at Klaw, excel.

Venture Capital

When it comes to dealing with high-risk companies, specifically technological start-ups, you need to be extra vigilant to protect your investment. We know the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Venture Lending

With unparalleled knowledge and ability, and hundreds of transactions to our name, we are widely recognized as being an authority in the field of venture lending.

Real Estate

Our ever-expanding real estate practice is a crucial resource for international and local clients alike.


With a strong international emphasis from the outset, we have developed unique capabilities that enable us to advise both foreign clients in Israel and Israeli clients overseas.


When it comes to conflict resolution, there’s no one better to have in your corner than our litigation experts.

With a strong international emphasis from the outset, we have developed unique capabilities that enable us to advise both foreign clients in Israel and Israeli clients overseas.

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