Emmanuel Kadouch

Founding Partner

“I am a curious person who likes to discover and learn new things; that’s what draws me to innovation and entrepreneurship – being involved in something as it evolves, and playing a role in its development. Similarly, the dynamism and diversity of the business world genuinely excites and inspires me, and I thrive on finding creative legal solutions to complicated situations.

Being pragmatic and business-minded by nature, I enjoy mentoring and advising entrepreneurs, sharing with them my 20 years of experience and the general knowledge I’ve accumulated over time, and giving them the legal tools they need to succeed. For me, working with a client is more than just about the here and now. It’s about taking a broad, long-term view of their needs and involving myself deeply in all aspects of their businesses and ventures; asking the challenging questions, offering solutions to problems, contributing ideas and sharing my business networks with them.

From the nuts and bolts of incorporating companies and drafting founders’ agreements, to securing venture capital, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and structuring complex commercial transactions, I advise clients in a wide range of industries, both in Israel and around the world, ensuring that they achieve the very best legal and business outcome available to them.

It’s also important to me to dedicate some of my time to supporting non-profits on a pro bono basis. I serve on the board of Meitarim, a not-for-profit association that aims to create a pluralistic educational and social environment based on values of tolerance, humanism and mutual respect. I also act as Chairman of Eldema, a not-for-profit association that supports medical research in the field of gastroenterology.

In my free time, I pursue my passion for bike riding, a hobby I’ve enjoyed for many, many years. This sporting activity not only pushes me physically, but gives me a sense of freedom, a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing and a connection with nature.”

Emmanuel holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University (1996) and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 1997. He speaks Hebrew, English and French.