Hila Samourzik


“For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer; to do justice, change the world, make it a better place – I thought that’s what lawyers do. I took my inspiration from movies like Paper Chase and TV shows like LA Law which portrayed lawyers fighting for justice in the courts, pulling out documents, questioning witnesses on the stand, pleading insanity… it all seemed so exciting!

As an adult, I found that I had the qualities of a good litigator; the confidence to appear before an audience, an eye for detail, a love of meticulous order, eloquence – both written and oral, and the ability to form a persuasive argument. Throughout my legal career, which has seen me work at top Israeli firms such as Matry, Meiri & Co, and Gideon Fisher & Co. Law Offices, as well as spending four years working in California in the USA, I have continued to enjoy the challenges of legal research; analyzing legislation, case law and factual data, thinking logically to draw relevant conclusions.

Whether I’m dealing with litigation around contracts, corporate, real estate, class actions or highly complex financial disputes, I exhaust every legal possibility, thinking creatively and stepping outside of the box to get the best result for my client.

I also believe there is more to being a lawyer than having legal experience and expertise. It’s critical to listen, to truly hear my client, and understand what they really want (money? an apology? to make peace with the other side?). I have a commercial understanding of their needs and appreciate that litigation is not always the solution – where mediation or direct talks will deliver a better outcome, I represent my client through such proceedings. I also know when a hug is in order – physical or mental – to show my absolute support and to reassure my clients in those moments that may be the hardest they have ever faced.”

Hila holds an LL.B. from Haifa University (1999) and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 2000. She speaks both Hebrew and English