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Leveraging our profound legal knowledge and extensive business experience, we provide seasoned M&A clients, and first-timers, with comprehensive, innovative legal and commercial solutions for their complex transactions.

We have decades of experience working on a wide range of mergers, acquisitions, share and asset sales, including complex transactions, many of them crossing multiple jurisdictions and involving multiple parties.

Providing a comprehensive legal service, we conduct thorough due diligence and an analysis of the market and any legal restrictions on the transaction, taking into account corporate, taxation, competition and anti-trust issues. Ensuring full compliance with all regulatory requirements, regardless of jurisdiction, we also obtain any approvals and pre-rulings required, maintaining a hands-on approach throughout the negotiations as we lead proceedings to a smooth conclusion.

Whether you are the buyer or being bought out, or even if you are a shareholder in a company involved in a merger or acquisition, we will ensure that the whole process is as transparent and efficient as possible, so that you know exactly what to expect the day after the transaction is completed.

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