Areas of Practice

Venture Lending

With unparalleled knowledge and ability, and hundreds of transactions to our name, we are widely recognized as being an authority in the field of venture lending.

Using our in-depth understanding of the two key elements of venture lending – venture capital and pure debt financing – from both the client and target points of view, we are able to create balanced solutions; resolving the tension that inherently exists between enabling the target company to continue its business as usual, and putting in place measures that protect our clients’ interests.

Having developed relationships based on mutual respect and trust with different players involved in the local and global marketplace, we are able to ensure that transaction processes and negotiations run smoothly.

Venture lending is a particular area in which our international expertise comes to the fore, both in working with Israeli targets that have a global presence, and in advising clients and partners on various elements of venture lending transactions in multiple jurisdictions. We have developed a professional network across the globe that enables us to lead transactions on behalf of our clients, from start to finish, supported by local assistance as needed.

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